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Insurance Coverage for Motorsports Events

Motorsport racing carries a high degree of risk. Most track owners, promoters, sanctioning bodies, and race teams are unable to assume the risk on their own. Jones Birdsong can help you find insurance coverage for your racing event to reduce your financial risk before, during, and after the race. Our motorsport insurance brokerage represents competitors, race teams, race track facilities, and sanctioning organizations. We can help your racing entity as well. To find out more, call us at 952-467-6111.

Different Types of Motorsports Insurance Available

Jones Birdsong can help you put together the right insurance package for your event so that everyone is covered. The types of coverage available to you include:

  • Liability Insurance: Eliminates the high cost associated with racing losses related to spectators and participants. Liability insurance can cover both injuries and property damage in the event of an accident.
  • Property Insurance: Protects your racing assets and equipment against damage and theft. There are multiple ways that a race can damage your property.
  • Workers Compensation: Protects your volunteers and employees. Your staff is your most valuable asset during a race. Some of your crew may be working in high-risk areas around the vehicles. Therefore, you will want to cover them at all times.
  • Accident Insurance: Protects the race crew against medical costs resulting from a racing injury. Medical costs can run tens of thousands of dollars and go on for a long period. Thus, you need adequate insurance for accidents that can cause one or multiple injuries.

Not all coverage is the same. You should work with an insurance broker who has experience with all of the major motorsport insurers, as well as offering different types of insurance. Call a Jones Birdsong broker today. We can help you identify the right type of insurance that suits your racing needs.

Insuring Your Racing Team During the Event

Most racing facilities will cover race team members as an extension of their current policy. Keep in mind, the coverage is only applicable if the racetrack is the cause of the accident. If the race team is solely responsible for a loss, the race team may have the financial responsibility for the loss. Thus, we should help you find additional insurance that specifically covers your race team. Likewise, your racing equipment needs to be covered for physical loss as well. Ideally, we’ll help you find a complete coverage package that covers both injuries and property damage.

Complete Liability Insurance for Your Entire Racing Event

As your insurance broker, it is our goal to help you find full coverage for your event and all entities involved. We offer insurance plans for landowners, race teams, individual competitors, employees, and company executives. We have all the bases covered to give you peace of mind during a race. We also provide 24-hour claim service, quick quotes, and can help you with all endorsements and other documentation. We work for you to help you secure the best insurance in the industry at affordable rates. To get a quick quote from one of our brokers, call us today at 952-467-6111, or you can message us at ballen@jonesbirdsong.com.