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Motorsports Insurance

Rider Network Motorsport Event Insurance

If you are a promoter and a member of the Rider Network you have most likely been, for many years, purchasing insurance for single special events or coverage on an annual basis but now have recently lost your insurance.

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Finding Coverage For Your Motorsport Club

A Motorcross riding club not only provides motorsport enthusiasts with the opportunity to connect with other riders, but it also provides them with an area to satisfy their need for speed and adventure. Before you announce any open enrollment and registration, however, you should take a moment to find the best insurance coverage for your club.

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Can You Get Insurance for Your Mud Bog Event?

Mud bogging (A.K.A., mud racing, mud running, mud drags, or just mudding) is popular motorsport in the U.S. Like many sports of its kind, finding insurance coverage for facilities and promoters can be a challenge.

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Insurance for Your Hare Scramble Event

Hare scramble races present a high level of risk due to the nature of the off-road competition. Competitors complete a race over rugged terrain in environments like wooded areas, deserts, foothills, or fields.

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What is Off-Road Ride Insurance?

If you own a motorsports complex or promote an off-road ride event, it’s crucial for you to carry off-road ride insurance. Without off-road ride insurance, you may be exposed to bodily injury and/or property damage claims from spectators and or participants.

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3 Questions to Consider When Purchasing Motorsports Insurance

Do you need motorsports insurance? Jones Birdsong can help you determine the right type of insurance for your racing team or racetrack.

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