It’s no secret motorsport events can be a high-risk environment for everyone involved. Whether you’re a spectator or a rider, you are at risk of being injured by large pieces of machinery. If you’re hosting a motorsport event, you should ensure all proper measures are taken to maximize the safety of your spectators, participants, and property. In addition to finding high-quality insurance coverage prior to hosting your event, you should also take the time to enforce and encourage various safety practices to everyone involved with the event in order to lower the risk of any injuries or property damage.


When you host your next motorsport event, be sure to enforce the following rules and guidelines. When participants, spectators, and volunteers are aware of these guidelines, injuries and accidents can be kept to a minimum. Additionally, there are also some steps that you can take to ensure safety and security is at its highest. Here are several safety tips you can practice and encourage during your motorsport event.

●        Spectator Control

Because your event may have spectators coming to watch the action, you should have a plan for enforcing spectator control. Taking the time to clearly mark where spectators should wait in line for tickets, concessions, and facilities can help you keep the crowd under control. In addition to training your volunteers to enforce waiting areas and clearly marking exits, bathrooms, and other spaces, you should also take the time to find the best insurance coverage for your event.

●        Enforce Appropriate Gear

Prior to hosting your event, you should make it clear to potential participants they should come equipped with the proper gear. Enforcing participants to wear and use appropriate gear can reduce the risk of injury. Ensuring participants wear helmets, boots, gloves, and goggles will help prevent them from getting hurt. Additionally, you should make sure all participants wear the appropriate clothing, as well. Encouraging participants to also wear neck braces, body armor, and knee pads can also further protect the riders.

In addition to enforcing a regulation that requires participants to wear proper gear, you should also meet with the professional insurance brokers at Jones Birdsong to find the best insurance coverage for your event. Our team of trained professionals can assess your needs based on the event your hosting and the activities involved.

●        Proper Machinery Maintenance

When you announce your event’s dates to the public, you should inform potential participants that they must ensure their machine is properly maintained. A malfunctioning bike not only puts the single owner at risk, but it can also put other riders during the race at risk as well. Save your event and its participants from taking on unnecessary crashes and injuries by encouraging riders to maintain their bikes and other rides prior to enrolling in the event.

●        Maintain Your Property

Similar to other events, you should prepare your property to hold the high volume of people involved with the event. This means ensuring the bathrooms are up to code and the track is properly groomed and maintained for riders. If you plan to have concessions at your event, you should make sure employees and volunteers know how to follow appropriate health and safety measures to maximize the security of your event. Additionally, you should ensure you get the best insurance coverage for your property so you are prepared to take on any unexpected situations.

●        Participant Regulations

While some events are targeted towards beginners, others might only be fit for experienced riders. When you announce your event and open enrollment for participants, you should make it clear what the skill requirements are. Enforcing these regulations can ensure your event is properly organized based on the appropriate skill level. Doing this prevents unnecessary injuries from occurring.

Get Your Event Insured

In the midst of enforcing these various rules and regulations on your event, you should also take the time to find an insurance package that covers all potential situations. Between various liabilities, workers’ compensation, and accidents, finding effective insurance is critical to the safety and success of your event.


Hosting a motorsport event can provide the community with excitement and entertainment, however, you should take all the proper measures to maximize the safety of each person and piece involved. In addition to finding an effective insurance package, you should arrange to prepare your volunteers, employees, spectators, and participants to follow a number of safety practices. For assistance with getting ready for your motorsport event and finding the best insurance coverage for it, contact Jones Birdsong today. We can help you feel ready to confidently promote your family-friendly motorsport event to the community.